EcoCoconut: The Myth, The Legend, The Plastic-Free Revolution

Stories we tell can be divided into history, myths and legends. History describes events as they really happened. The difference between myths and legends is that myths are fairytales, while legends tell the stories of heroes and their heroic actions.

At EcoCoconut, we are intent on myth busting and legend making… our place in history is to change the world, eradicating the plastic waste polluting our oceans with plastic-free alternatives.

It seems impossible to escape plastic in our everyday lives, doesn't it?

It seems just as impossible to escape plastic pollution, too.

Plastic is literally at our fingertips all day long. Plastic keyboard. Plastic framed computer monitor. Plastic mouse. The amount of plastic we encounter every day doesn't end there.

Plastic is an epidemic.

Let’s do something about it.

We invite you to join us in the kind of everyday heroism that not only sparks a revolution, but saves the planet.

Where to start?

How about our line of plastic-free household items, such as our EcoCoconut Kitchen Cleaning Brush or EcoCoconut Twin Pack Scourers? Made from sustainably farmed coconut husk for the bristles and the brush handles are made from certified recycled rubber trees.

Zero plastic. Not even in the packaging.

Both brushes are biodegradable, and perfect for all purpose kitchen, bathroom, and household cleaning. The bristles are naturally antibacterial and free from toxic chemicals.

You’ll be impressed with the superior clean you get with these stylish, sustainable plastic-free products. See how easy it is to be a hero? The plastic-free revolution starts at home.

Shop here for the EcoCoconut Kitchen Cleaning Brush and the EcoCoconut Twin Pack Scourers