EcoCoconut, The New “Eco” Startup making 100% Plastic Free products accessible to all. has launched and is now offering their eco-friendly range of 100% plastic free household and personal care products, available online & instore. (Even the packaging is 100% Plastic Free)

Our Story:

EcoCoconut, a brand that was created by four founders sharing one dream to pioneer a global movement for a sustainable tomorrow, And with that dream The EcoCoconut range was born. The range which includes kitchen cleaning brushes, infused coconut oils, pet-care, and personal care offers a 100% natural, non toxic, affordable, and plastic-free solution which can now be purchased online and instore at major retailers both nationally in Australia and in many countries globally. The range offers the everyday consumer easy access to sustainable products by making them affordable so that every person and every family gets to be apart of the plastic-free and sustainability movement.

“We founded EcoCoconut because we wanted non toxic, biodegradable, and plastic-free products that offer a superior clean whilst meeting style with sustainability. You shouldn't have to choose between what works and what's good for us and our planet,” says the EcoCoconut crew. “EcoCoconut has developed a compelling range of everyday products aimed at the conscious consumers who want affordable, ecological and functional products as part of their everyday life choices.”

Online you will find EcoCoconut’s full range of plastic free products including the kitchen cleaning brushes and scourers, coconut carbon air purifiers and deodorizing sachets, certified organic infused coconut oils, and the coconut doggy toothbrush with toothpaste. EcoCoconut has some exciting products in the making this year which will include our range of antioxidant coconut body oils and an activated coconut charcoal, and coconut oil toothpaste. Due for release mid 2018.

All EcoCoconut products are made from 100% plastic free, organic and recycled materials, including all shipping materials and packaging. We believe in supporting non-profit initiatives that work towards solving the problem of plastic pollution in our oceans and world.