Doggy Toothbrush & Toothpaste

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A world first in canine oral health. Our coconut husk doggy toothbrushes and doggy toothpaste are made from natural coconut & will provide a superior clean for your dogs total mouth care. Toothbrush sizes: small, medium & large.


  • Coconut is naturally a antimicrobial and protects against the growth of bad bacteria.
  • The coconut super fine bristles get into hard to reach places and remove leftover food which can cause tooth decay
  • Our coconut oil toothpaste kills bacteria, protects against plaque build up and protects the overall health of your dogs gums and teeth
  • Our doggy toothbrushes are highly durable and held together with unexposed metal twine. When the coconut fibre has worn down to the twine it is time to recycle and dispose of the brush
  • Brush can be used multiple times and simply washed off with water after each use